Medical Incompetence Exposed

by Medical Professionals          


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Medical incompetence is at epidemic proportions; but medicine is a tight-knit fraternity with an unwritten rule that bans self exposure.  This silence costs the nation billions of dollars and an untold number of lives every year.  Here that silence is broken.

Beyond alerting the unknowing public to this woeful system with its completely inept education that necessarily produces incompetent medical doctors our goals are: (1) to pressure the medical establishment to require a longer and more comprehensive academic education for the medical doctorate; (2) to establish a more difficult licensure exam before allowing physicians to practice medicine; and (3) to require a regular periodic recertification of these practitioners to assure they have stayed abreast of the latest advancements in medical science.

There are competent physicians and surgeons to be sure, but they are the decided minority; and they have achieved their competence in spite of their medical education not because of it.  As a medical consumer, you must not be overly impressed by the MD or DO title pinned to your physician’s chest.  You might be surprised to know your physician is not required to practice or even understand (at least beyond a very rudimentary level) the wonders of medical science.  Despite the remarkable technological advancements in medicine, medical school is the same length today as it was more than a century ago -- before surgeons even knew to wash their hands between operations.  Although physicians boast of twelve and even sixteen years of education, in truth the medical education is a mere three years; some schools are four-year programs.  In both programs only the first two years are academic in nature, with the final year or two consisting of a series of job shadowing expeditions, dubbed as clinical clerkships. 

Several medical colleges even have special programs in which they admit students directly out of high school; and in six short years these graduates are practicing MDs.  Furthermore, many medical schools require but a "C" average for admission, and do not even require a bachelors degree for admission.  These qualifications would not meet the requirement for a masters degree in most schools.  But the GPA is no longer an issues, in that most medical colleges have adopted a liberal pass/fail system verses a traditional grade.  After graduation and a token exam these neophytes are now licensed to practice medicine.  As licensed medical doctors they will tack on a few years of on-the-job training, during which time they are paid professionals for which production, more than education, is key.  Here they will have virtually no accountability other than a job performance review.  And once unleashed upon the world the overwhelming majority of states require no continuing education or recertification to assure even a minimal competency for these licensed physicians.

Thus, as licensed professionals ourselves, we see it as our duty to warn every medical consumer that the world of medicine is very much a “Buyer Beware” environment


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